We are a team of experienced researchers, strategists and innovators having worked with many of the world’s biggest brands, as well as running successful charity enterprises. 

Charity and purpose
Amy Kington 
Amy is a well respected business leader who has helped many organisations improve their financial performance by realising a higher purpose.  
Amy's had demonstrable success in using sport for social change since 1998. She has worked in health, local authority, policing and held senior executive roles in third sector and professional sport settings.  
Amy has an Executive MBA from the University of the West of England and is an active advisory board member for the school of business and law. She is also a member of the women in business commission and a regular contributor on BBC Radio Bristol.  
“Full of energy, ambitious, doesn’t stop, exhausting(!)” 
says Gary. 
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Qualitative research
Katie Price 
Qualitative Associate 
Katie is an experienced qualitative researcher having worked for many organisations on their purpose strategy and initiatives. 
Whilst being purpose led contributes to positive growth, Katie has worked with many organisations who want to create a more lasting, unifying way to do business. 
When not immersed in the world of purpose, Katie helps at a local playgroup, organises local Foodbank collections and makes sure the biscuit tin is full for the teens that gather for band practice. 
“I like getting into the contents of her backpack, especially the jangly keys and credit cards” 
says Monty. 
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Quantitative research
Gary Austin 
Quantitative Associate 
Gary is an expert in quantitative research with over 25 years’ experience of working for organisations such as; Kingfisher, Dyson and Disney.  
Gary's research has helped to successfully launch new products, shape communications and transform brands. Gary asks the right questions of the right people and makes sense of the data to help drive organisational change. 
Outside of work Gary’s interests include football (Coventry City) and cricket (Warwickshire). He is also a keen fan of comedy, being particularly partial to a well-crafted pun. 
“Gary is extremely analytical and keeps his eyes peeled on all the numbers. Don’t be fooled though…he knows how to have a lot of fun” says Monty. 
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Strategy and business
Guy Price 
Strategy Consultant 
Guy has held senior executive roles at two clubs in the English Football League as well as holding the position of head of sport at Unicef.  
Guy conceived and delivered Bristol’s biggest ever sport event; bringing the Tour of Britain to Bristol for a unique double-stage day of racing. A quarter of a million people lined the high-octane route, adding £4m to the city’s economy in a single day. 
Guy has an MBA and has established a number of trusts and foundations that make sport work harder for communities and vulnerable groups.  
“Guy is super purpose driven and builds solid relationships with all those who have the good fortune to work with him” says Amy. 
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Innovation and story telling
Barney Speed-Grenfell 
Innovation Consultant 
Barney specialises in helping organisations unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and create future orientations.  
Barney is also a presentation and visual storytelling coach. He believes a well-told story sets culture, drives strategy, motivates teams, excites innovation, compels listeners, evokes emotional response and transforms consumers in to advocates.  
When not sharing stories Barney loves to keep fit and enjoys singing in a band. 
“Barney is brilliant at helping people to magnify their messages” says Jenny 
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Bristol purpose agency
Jane Ginnever 
HR & OD Consultant 
Jane is a change agent and a believer in human potential, experienced in catalysing and implementing organisation-wide change in multiple sectors. 
Jane has an MBA and a MSc in HR Management and has experience of advising Boards and executive teams, including as a non-executive director.  
Jane is passionate about an organisation’s capacity to act as a force for good, bringing people together to achieve amazing things. 
"Jane is a real people person, very altruistic and great at listening to others" says Amy. 
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Field work and recruitment
Jenny Kington 
Fieldwork Manager 
Jenny is an experienced project manager and field work researcher having worked for many of the worlds largest brands. 
Jenny has a brilliant ability to cope with fast-paced and pressured work. Her accuracy and strong attention to detail along with her warm and friendly disposition makes her a strong team member.  
Jenny has been a foster carer for over 40 years!  
"Nana Jen is my favourite person on the planet" says Monty. 
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Project management and research agency
Eve Ralph 
Project Manager 
Eve is a project manager. She has a Masters degree in Special and Inclusive Education.  
Eve is a huge advocate of the lived experiences of disabled people, their self-organisation, user-led campaigns for justice and equality in education.  
Eve is a lifelong Bristol City fan and in her spare time follows them around the country. 
"I love working with Eve. She needs to know the ‘why’ and then focuses relentlessly on how to make things happen for others" says Jenny. 
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Market research
Baby Monty 
CCO (Chief Curiosity Officer) 
Monty is Amy’s very curious toddler. Curiosity is a mercurial quality, that starts with the itch to explore! It rises and falls throughout our life, depending on what we're doing, where we are and who we're with. 
Monty helps to keep us all curious.  
Amy is going to do her best to avoid being appallingly under-prepared for all those questions that Monty is going to start directing towards her. She doesn’t know what stars are made of, she’s not even sure she knows why the sky is blue. What she does have is a powerful motivation for staying curious: She doesn’t want to disappoint Monty. 
"He is very cute, into everything and a welcome distraction but can't yet make the tea." says Katie. 
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